1. Advantages Of Using Structural Steel Part 1

    When it comes time to plan your next project or build, you’ll have to choose the design and material. While wood is fine and bricks are classy, neither provide the same advantages as structural steel. Sanilac Steel provides a wide range of services in this sector, ranging from structural steel design to custom ornamental metalwork. This versatile material is used in nearly every stage of product…Read More

  2. Interesting Facts From Your Structural Steel Fabricators

    To the average American, steel may just appear as an ordinary, boring metal. However, the science and versatility behind this substance creates a product that can be seen as the metallic backbone of society. As a provider of structural steel design and installation, we may hold a certain bias. Sanilac Steel has striven to be among the top structural steel fabricators in Michigan for decades, and o…Read More

  3. Different Structural Steel For Different Applications Part 2

    Structural steel is a universal product that is one of many steel types that can be used for many applications. Steel itself is handy for even more uses, from car parts to silverware. Sanilac Steel was founded in 1967 as a team of structural steel fabricators for Michigan companies and residents. With decades of experience in the field, we’re confident that we can tackle any metal needs you may …Read More

  4. Different Structural Steel For Different Applications Part 1

    In today’s society, we are afforded the modern luxuries that were nonexistent in the recent past. This can be true for numerous industries, and structural steel is no different. Steel fabrication companies make this hardy metal for many different applications and purposes. Each grade of steel is designed for a certain purpose and strength. In fact, there are nearly 4,000 grades of steel availabl…Read More

  5. Tips To Keep Your Construction Project Costs Under Control Part 2

    Managing a construction project is an intensive process that can only be done by motivated individuals with the skills and fortitude needed to adapt to a wide range of changes on a near-daily basis. As the overseer of every operation, one of the biggest tasks is to ensure that your budget is under control. Failing to properly account for costly mistakes and setbacks can result in serious problems,…Read More

  6. Tips To Keep Your Construction Project Costs Under Control Part 1

    In our modern society, nearly every aspect and outcome in construction is reliant on the budget. As a project manager, you may struggle to keep within a strict budget, especially when those finances are intended for a large construction project. The nature of larger projects is a complex combination of many moving parts and people that all need to work in unison to ensure a cost-effective outcome.…Read More