1. Explaining Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Steel Fabrication

    At the professional and personal level, we all strive to generate the most value for our money. In the construction industry, this endeavor can result in improved practices, more accurate outcomes, and safer workspaces. Some companies, however, may offer the lowest prices through less-reputable means. When it comes to steel structure design and fabrication, many factors are involved which can impa…Read More

  2. Explaining the Value of Deburring in Our Steel Fabrication Process

    Steel fabrication has come a long way in recent decades, maximizing strength while pushing the upper limits of recyclability. We can spend all day talking about the positives of structural steel, but one byproduct of our fabrication is here and nearly impossible to avoid — burrs. These minor imperfections may generate serious problems later on, which is why it’s essential to find the right con…Read More

  3. Highlighting Protective Measures for Your Structural Steel

    Structural steel has become the top building material for designers worldwide for a number of reasons. Many builders rely on steel because of its strength, versatility, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, but they need to account for one drawback — corrosion. Metal is reactive to oxygen and water, promoting oxidization to enhance the onset of rust. In steel structure design, corrosion is amon…Read More

  4. Highlighting the Advantages of Steel Fabrication and Welding

    For many designers, builders, and architects, structural steel has become the top choice of materials to deliver the best returns on all types of construction. From shops and garages to football stadiums and skyscrapers, structural steel design has evolved to take on a wide range of projects. This increasing level of quality comes with an increase in demand for expertise, especially in concert wit…Read More

  5. Highlighting the Essential Steel Components for Your Building

    Steel structure design has evolved to provide more versatility and beauty for designers, architects, and more. No matter your building plans, structural steel can provide ideal strength and stability without compromising on style or structure weight. It’s essential to find the right components for your steel structure, which is where our company can help. Sanilac Steel of Marlette is here to ser…Read More

  6. Discussing Rigid Frame Construction With Single- and Multi-Span Buildings

    Builders have a range of options when it comes to working with structural steel materials. When it comes to rigid frame construction, you have the choice of building a single-span or multi-span building. Both offer a range of advantages, but ultimately, the benefits of your frame will depend on your building needs. Sanilac Steel is here to provide turnkey services to deliver an ideal outcome for a…Read More

  7. Need Steel Scaffolding? Our Steel Company Can Fabricate Supported Scaffolds

    As defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), supported scaffolding can be utilized to raise workers to higher elevations in the safest manner possible. This scaffold type relies on platforms for worker access supported by brackets, lets, beams, poles, posts, tubes, and other rigid products. Sanilac Steel is here to serve as your comprehensive source for steel services ra…Read More

  8. Highlighting the Structural Steel Fabrication Process

    The production of steel in this country has helped to give rise to a variety of structures that we can be proud of, from historic bridges to modern football stadiums, dynamic hospitals, and more. It’s essential to source the best materials for your structure, as the precision and quality of each part helps to create an ideal building. If you’re in need of experienced structural steel fabricato…Read More

  9. Our Structural Steel Fabricators Provide Quality Results From Start to Finish!

    Modern structural steel has evolved to become more complex than ever, relying on thousands of precision parts and plans to work seamlessly in unison to create a structure that is stronger, more affordable, and lasts longer. If you’re currently in need of a steel fabrication company for your next project, it’s essential to find local contractors with the experience, equipment, and training need…Read More