1. The Different Methods Used For Cutting Steel Part 1

    Modern structural steel is a human marvel of engineering and ingenuity. Centuries of metalworking has brought us to the modern age, with steel being one of the most versatile and reusable materials on the planet. From the raw iron ore to the final finish coat, there are a lot of steps that lead to the finished product. As your go-to team of structural steel fabricators in Michigan, Sanilac Steel i…Read More

  2. Structural Steel And The Consequences Of Vibrations

    The world of construction is full of many environmental factors and considerations that need to be accounted for to ensure structural integrity. While the shear resistance and total strength are important parts of the puzzle, it’s actually the phenomenon of vibrations that often need more planning and consideration. As such, it’s important to work with the most experienced steel fabrication co…Read More

  3. Breaking Down The Value Of The I-Beam

    While most Americans are uneducated when it comes to structural steel design and construction, many can probably identify and name one popular piece of the structural puzzle. The I-beam, also known as an H-beam or W-beam, is one crucial part of many structures that provides vital structural support. As a team of experienced structural steel fabricators in Michigan, we are here to help supply you w…Read More

  4. Benefiting From The Versatility Of Steel Buildings

    Today’s modern technology brings advances that benefit society in numerous ways. Steel structure building, in particular, has become one option in the construction world that provides a plethora of positives for any project. Anyone looking for steel erectors in Michigan will be more than impressed with the experience and expertise provided by Sanilac Steel. Since 1967, our steel erection company…Read More

  5. Looking At The Value Of Steel Throughout History Part 3

    The history behind structural steel production is one full of innovation and hard work. Our modern structures have come a long way from the Iron Age. As a team of top-notch structural steel fabricators for Michigan projects, Sanilac Steel knows all about the industry. Since 1967, we’ve worked to be among the top steel fabrication companies in the state. Today, we’ll conclude our epic trilogy o…Read More

  6. Looking At The Value Of Steel Throughout History Part 2

    Modern structural steel pushes the limits of human ingenuity. From efficient production processes to product strength and sustainability, this metal has been an integral part of developing this great country and the rest of the modern world. Our last blog focused on our humble beginnings, from the dawn of the Iron Age to the utilization of spiegeleisen. Today, we’ll continue this journey with fu…Read More

  7. Looking At The Value Of Steel Throughout History Part 1

    Mankind has long been the dominating species on this planet. While not as strong, durable, or quick as other animals, homo sapiens have depended on their ability to utilize tools to make life better. The fabrication and use of steel, for example, has given humans the edge for the thousands of years. As a collective of top-notch structural steel fabricators in Michigan, Sanilac Steel is all about t…Read More

  8. The Biggest Advantages Of Stud Welding With Your Steel Provider

    Structural steel fabrication and installation can involve a number of different welding styles, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One method is stud welding, which resembles flash welding. As your go-to structural steel fabricators in Michigan, Sanilac Steel is here to provide the best products and results for your project. Our expert team is here to provide quality steel structure desig…Read More

  9. The Benefits Of Using Our Mobile Welding Service

    The art of welding is a highly respected and sought-after skill in the construction industry. Structural steel, in particular, represents a high demand for quality welding services. While static welding shops are perfect for getting the job done off site, it is often easier to seek out a mobile version to maximize success. Sanilac Steel knows the value of this, which is why we’re proud to offer …Read More