We Make Safety a Requirement

Safety should be a goal on any steel fabrication or erection job site. Sanilac Steel goes beyond making safety a goal by making it a requirement for our teams. From start to finish, we strive to achieve or surpass safety standards set by the steel erection industry. This can help reduce costs on job sites by avoiding delays, accidents, and injuries and maintaining the delivery schedule we’ve given the client. Our excellent record for safety is largely due to our experienced team’s approach to each structural steel fabrication and erection job. They focus on safety and communication to give our clients the high-quality steel erecting services they need without the burden of worrying about safety. Safety in all Sanilac Steel operations is not just a corporate goal, it’s a company-wide requirement.

Choose Sanilac Steel For Your Next Project

Work with the steel erection and fabrication company that has a proven record of safety, professionalism, and excellence for the last 50 years and counting. We’ll overcome even the biggest challenges without sacrificing the safety of the job site. Our steel erectors will work close with you to ensure that all safety standards and requirements are fully upheld at all times. You can contact us today to get started. We’ll work with you from start to finish to get the job done on time, with guaranteed quality, in the safest manner possible. Contact Sanilac Steel today to get started!