Creating a Company Culture

Sanilac Steel is here to provide comprehensive steel services throughout your project, from design and structural steel fabrication to building erection, crane rentals, and more. We’re happy to assist to the best of our abilities, and strive to do so in the safest possible manner. Since 1967, our steel erection specialists have worked to develop a company culture that revolves around one priority — safety.

Our steel fabrication team in Michigan has the skills and training to provide a range of advantages for your project, but none of these compare to the value of safety and getting every worker home safe to their family. Sanilac Steel is proud to be one of the most experienced steel companies in the state, and our sterling safety record shows that we are as dedicated to your health as we are to your project’s success. We believe our safety is a top reason why you should choose us!

Reducing Risky Processes

Safety is the responsibility of every individual that steps foot on your site. Sanilac Steel can assist in this process, as our team is held to the most stringent standards. Each steel contractor on our team is instilled with the value of our company culture, trained to keep an eye out for any dangerous situations. If there is a process on your site that does not meet our high safety standards, you will be notified immediately.



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Performing Audits

Our team works hard to ensure quality at every phase of your construction project, and our internal auditing program is no different. Sanilac Steel relies on in-field reports and client communication to identify any individuals in need of remediation or those that are expertly adhering to our stringent safety standards. The result is guaranteed quality on your site through each phase. Our structural steel contractors will constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve the safety and efficiency of your project.

Continual Training

Sanilac Steel is proud to be among the most experienced steel fabrication companies in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean that we are antiquated by any means. Our contractors stay on the cutting-edge of steel fabrication and erection safety to ensure that your site is up to speed on all practices and restrictions.

Consistent Results

Construction projects of all shapes and sizes are unique across every site, with varying conditions making it challenging for many builders to stick to their strict schedules. Sanilac Steel is here to provide consistency with everything we do, including our safety record. Your project will receive the same attention to detail regardless of its scope, and every aspect of our steel services will ensure a quality approach.

dreamstime_2111328We Make Safety a Requirement

Safety should be a goal on any steel fabrication or erection job site. Sanilac Steel goes beyond making safety a goal by making it a requirement for our teams. From start to finish, we strive to achieve or surpass safety standards set by the steel erection industry. This can help reduce costs on job sites by avoiding delays, accidents, and injuries and maintaining the delivery schedule we’ve given the client. Our excellent record for safety is largely due to our experienced team’s approach to each structural steel fabrication and erection job. They focus on safety and communication to give our clients the high-quality steel erecting services they need without the burden of worrying about safety. Safety in all Sanilac Steel operations is not just a corporate goal, it’s a company-wide requirement.

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Work with the steel erection and fabrication company that has a proven record of safety, professionalism, and excellence for the last 50 years and counting. We’ll overcome even the biggest challenges without sacrificing the safety of the job site. Our steel erectors will work closely with you to ensure that all safety standards and requirements are fully upheld at all times. You can contact us today to get started. We’ll work with you from start to finish to get the job done on time, with guaranteed quality, in the safest manner possible. 

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