The value of our mobile welding services helps to make Sanilac Steel a top choice for steel services in Marlette and beyond. Our structural steel contractors have the experience and skill to deliver complete results for your project, and our welders are here to ensure that every piece of equipment is ready for the task. From loaders and scrapers to excavators, skid steers, and more, most construction equipment undergoes immense wear and tear on a daily basis. Our team is here to help, providing fast, safe, and affordable results.

Dynamic Welding Solutions

Our mobile welding services are available across Michigan for projects in need. We’ll be happy to go over your plans and specifications to ensure that all of our work is done right on the first try. You will benefit from the high-quality experience of our welders and the flexibility of our steel fabrication services. No matter the project size or scope, Sanilac is here to help by offering:

  • 24/7 Welding Services – In some situations, our mobile welding may be needed in an emergency. Be sure to contact us to learn about our focus on around-the-clock safety.
  • Structural Welding – From the bottom up, our steel fabricators know how to deliver the most comprehensive and cost-effective welds to keep your site on track for completion. We’re confident that our welds will pass any inspection!
  • Steel Erection and Repair – While we specialize in structural steel fabrication and erection, our team can also deliver complete welding services throughout the project.

Every project is unique, making it essential to find a local steel company that has the expertise and training to deliver a complete result. Contact us today to learn more about our welding services, and be sure to ask for your complete project quote!

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Top-Notch Training and Certifications

Ultimately, the strength and quality of your steel-frame construction will rely on the skill and expertise of your welders. Sanilac Steel focuses on structural steel design, fabrication, and erection, and our team delivers the right weld for every application. All of our welders undergo rigorous training, and each are licensed and certified to work on any site.

Versatile Applications

The welding industry is complex, relying on several technologies and modern practices to deliver strong results that are sure to last. When it comes to mobile welding services, Sanilac Steel can assist by performing a wide range of tasks to keep the entire project running smoothly. From stick welding for equipment repairs to customized fits for products and building components and more, we’re here and ready to provide the best result for every application

Complete Outcomes

Projects rarely go according to plan, and unexpected changes can put your project at jeopardy. It pays to hire on a team with the experience needed to adapt to any surprises, and Sanilac Steel is here to help. Since 1969, our steel fabricators have worked to expand our professional services to provide the best results for each and every customer we assist. No job is too big or too small.

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