Today’s modern technology brings advances that benefit society in numerous ways. Steel structure building, in particular, has become one option in the construction world that provides a plethora of positives for any project. Anyone looking for steel erectors in Michigan will be more than impressed with the experience and expertise provided by Sanilac Steel. Since 1967, our steel erection company has worked to provide the best fabrication and installation services in the area, placing a high premium on safety and quality. While our passion for steel construction drives our employees to be the best in the industry, we understand that most people are not as enthusiastic. Today, we’ll look at a few key aspects surround the versatility of steel and how these points can help your project thrive. When you’re ready for a quote on your job, be sure to contact Sanilac Steel for help!

Matching Design Requirements

Every business out there comes with an intended floorplan or design that is unique and fitted perfectly for that organization. The beauty of steel rests in its versatility in terms of structural limitations. While other materials such as wood and concrete offer their own unique benefits to a project, they are bound by numerous limitations due to material properties. While concrete is very strong, it may not be the best for sustained load bearing use in certain applications. The weight and strength of materials provide limitations, and utilizing steel frame construction can mean the difference between building a limited structure and one that perfectly meets the client’s needs.

Balancing Cost vs. Design

The aesthetic and practical value of a structure revolves around its design and the budget required to do so. Architects and designers looking to create a unique, visually pleasing building will quickly run into issues concerning the overall cost. Small visual improvements can be expensive! The beauty of steel again relies on its rigidity and ability to provide impressive weight thresholds. The stronger your building material is, the more design features you can take advantage of. More strength can also equate to less material required, giving designers and steel erectors alike the freedom to do more with less.

Providing Many Options

While classical thought dictates that steel is best saved for workshops and warehouses, modern innovations have helped us to create versatile, durable, beautiful structures for nearly any need. Our structural steel fabricators and installers work to excel in providing top-notch services in many industries, including:

  • Automotive. From mechanic buildings to showrooms and welding shops, anything you need for vehicles can be constructed quickly and affordably.
  • Agriculture. Barns, stables, and dairies, oh my! Steel structures are transforming the landscape of our modern farms and ranches.
  • Personal storage. Whether you need a place to store your RV or maybe a structure to house the boat in the offseason, steel provides a solid answer for housing larger items.
  • Food services. If you can think of a food establishment, we can think of an example of that place that is built around steel.
  • Aviation. Where would we be without massive steel hangars and terminals that rely on the strength of steel?
  • Commercial. From the gas station to the mall, modern steel holds a place for much of our country’s commerce.
  • Offices. Any industry that requires large office spaces can benefit from the versatility of steel.
  • Industrial. Lumber yards and assembly plants alike can benefit from durability and customization that steel can offer.

In essence, explaining the versatility of steel would be easier and quicker if we described the few things that this metal cannot do. Combining the affordable costs, environmental responsibility, and versatility of steel structure and design make steel a major player in the future construction market. If you are in need of experienced steel erectors in Michigan, we are here to help! Sanilac Steel draws on decades of expertise in the field to deliver unbeatable quality in a safe, efficient manner. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote on your project!