When it comes to finding a team for your project’s steel erection services, you will need to find a steel fabrication company that places safety as the top priority. Construction services are inherently dangerous, creating a hazardous workplace for employees of all professions in the industry. Strict rules and regulations are put in place to help negate the risk of injury or death on a jobsite. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is one agency that places a premium on complete safety measures at all times in construction. While many companies complain about the steep fines given for safety violations, our team takes on the challenge in earnest to ensure the safest outcome for your project. Sanilac Steel is proud to be your team of go-to steel erectors in Michigan, providing fast, accurate results that are as reliable as they are safe. Since 1967, our team as worked diligently to create the most effective, safe, and accurate results to benefit our customers.

Steel structure building is dangerous, with a number of different risk factors facing contractors on a daily basis. Today, we’ll begin to look at these risk factors and how our steel construction experts work to minimize the dangers. When done, be sure to contact our steel fabrication company to receive an accurate quote for your upcoming project!

Fighting the Fatal Four

In 2014, 874 workers were killed in construction sites across the country. OSHA has designed a “Fatal Four” categorization that denotes the four most common causes of death in the industry. Beyond the number of fatalities is the injury rate, which is much higher and often not recorded accurately. Read below to learn about these four causes of death and how our structural steel erection team works to minimize the risks.


The combination of intensive work at an elevated point makes the risk of falling of the biggest dangers for steel erectors. The nature of the industry makes protecting against falls a major logistical challenge. Unfortunately, nearly 40 percent of deaths in construction are due to falls. OSHA posits that half of these fatalities could have been prevented with proper safety procedures.

Oftentimes, accidents occur when workers take shortcuts. The process of strapping into your fall arrest system may not seem worth it for a quick five-minute touch-up, yet the risks involved during that time can result in grievous injury. Sanilac Steel works diligently to keep our employees up to speed on jobsite safety practices, including the proper use of equipment to prevent falls. Guardrails, restraints, and safety nets all work to ensure that everyone is safe in case the worst happens. Any hazardous areas, such as unfinished stairs or holes in the deck, should be addressed immediately.

Having a safety plan is essential, and our team has worked hard to uphold a sterling safety record. Be sure to contact our steel erectors to learn more about our approach to fall prevention.


One risk that many people do not associate with steel erection services is the danger of being shocked and/or electrocuted. While structural steel is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, the fact is that steel is an incredible electrical conductor. This creates a constant concern for steel erection services, as workers will frequently be in contact with the steel frame. If an electrical wire were to make a connection to the metal, the result can be very risky shock damages to everyone in contact with the affected metals.

Sanilac Steel has developed a system for ensuring that our employees are as safe as possible at all times to prevent electrocutions. Our team constantly trains and refreshes safety measures, treating electrical wires and damaged protects with the proper efforts to avoid any accidents. We plan ahead, mapping out the work area to prevent any future issues with power lines. Our steel contractors are also expected to be equipped with the proper equipment when necessary, including insulated gloves, covers, blankets, and more.

Creating a structure that is strong and safe may be inherently dangerous during the construction phase, which is where our steel experts come in handy. Sanilac Steel places a top priority on keeping your employees and our workers safe. Next time, we’ll continue on this topic by discussing additional hazards and the overall effect these accidents can have on your personnel and project outcome. Since 1967, we’ve worked to be the best steel erectors in Michigan. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your project!