The construction industry is known for its dangers, many of which can be effectively mitigated by proper training and consistent job processes. No matter how safe you are, it seems, the risk is present for an injury or fatality to occur. In fact, one out of every five work-related deaths in this country in 2014 originated from the construction industry. Not only is a work fatality terribly tragic, it can also result in numerous impacts on the project, the companies working that project, and the community at large. Sanilac Steel is proud to be your go-to team of steel erectors in Michigan, working proudly since 1967 to perfect our safety practices. We focus on safety and communication as the two main goals on every site, helping to improve worksite safety for everyone.

Since safety is a requirement here, our structural steel erection contractors know all about the different areas to focus on to keep everyone out of harm’s way. Today, we’ll continue to look into the safety measures taken by our team during steel construction services. When finished, be sure to contact our steel fabrication company to see how we can optimize your project!

Struck by Objects

The risk of being struck by flying or falling objects is hard to minimize, yet measures are in place to help. When it comes to steel erection, this risk mainly comes in the form of items falling from a high place down onto individuals below. Hard hats are made to withstand impacts, yet they are not able to effectively keep you safe from large or sharp items. Tools, parts, and more can fall at any time, creating a necessity for adequate protection.

Sanilac Steel closely monitors and follows all safety regulations to ensure that your project is done without any dangerous setbacks. When working above the ground, our team focuses on securing any loose items. In addition, we’re sure to utilize useful tools such as nets and toe boards to help prevent falling objects from reaching the ground. Piles of materials on the site can be checked for stability, helping to prevent an accidental spill in the future. Another helpful tactic is to make full use of warning signs and hazard tape, communicating to others on the site that the area is dangerous. Safety walks can also be completed to check the site at large, from securing materials on scaffolding to checking hoists for any loose pieces that can become problematic.

Crush or Entrapment

Steel structure building requires the movement of large pieces of metal to be lifted and put into place in an elevated position. Beyond falling, this practice creates a very risk scenario for individuals in terms of becoming crushed between two hard surfaces. Whether you’re leading a piece into place up on a deck or extending to the ceiling with a boom lift, this danger is always present. The risks of entrapment come in many shapes and sizes, including incidents with large machinery not seeing an individual before moving into their path.

The best approach for avoiding being crushed is to be very aware of your surroundings. Never approach equipment until you have made eye contact with the operator, letting them know that you are planning on dropping in. Our Michigan steel erectors are trained to always keep an eye out for hazards, including the movement of large equipment and the general use of construction machinery.

Avoiding Hazardous Setbacks

Jobsite injuries and fatalities can greatly impact the result of your project. Injuries can create major setbacks, including investigations, hearings, and more. The end result of a workplace injury is a site that is shut down, creating delays and possible fines if any safety measures are neglected in the process. Your site may face financial issues as well, making it necessary to run a safe project to stay on schedule. Our steel erection team is kept up to speed with all safety practices on the jobsite, helping to enforce our reputation for being a safety-first company. If we see any dangers, we’ll seek out immediate results. Nothing is more important than the safety of our people and yours!

As one of the most experienced teams of steel erectors in Michigan, Sanilac Steel is proud to offer our services to optimize the outcome for your project. From crane rentals to mobile welding services, we offer everything needed to get the job done in a fast, safe manner. Contact us today to learn more about our history or to receive an accurate quote for your project!