When it comes time to plan your next project or build, you’ll have to choose the design and material. While wood is fine and bricks are classy, neither provide the same advantages as structural steel. Sanilac Steel provides a wide range of services in this sector, ranging from structural steel design to custom ornamental metalwork. This versatile material is used in nearly every stage of production, from setting the frame to roofing installation. Composed of some of the most experienced structural steel fabricators in Michigan, Sanilac is able to provide the perfect solutions for your project. We also offer a mobile welding service as well as crane rentals to optimize construction operations. Steel has been an integral force behind building our country to greatness. Today, we’ll look a few of the many advantages that structural steel has to offer. Modern advances have made this metal a top choice for nearly any use. This blog will aim to show you why!


The most obvious case for choosing structural steel is its inherent strength. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), for example, holds a classification for A36 steel, which is used very often in the US. The ASTM has rated this metal to withstand forces between 58,000 and 80,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), or 58 to 80 kilopounds per square inch (KSI). The math gives us a clear picture of just how much force is needed to cause structural failure. The structural steel in your building is built to resist shearing, bending, buckling, distorting, and so on. While we can talk about the unmatched strength of steel for so many applications, it’s important to move on to the less-known advantages.

Less Weight

While structural steel is seen as very heavy in the eyes of most humans, it’s important to note that this metal is in fact much lighter than wood when used for framing and construction. Our logic here is that the amount of wood needed to frame a structure will need to be much bigger and bulkier to retain its integrity. Steel, on the other hand, holds much more strength, giving it the ability to be used less frequently and for greater effect. If you compare support beams from varying materials, it’ll quickly become obvious that steel carries a clear advantage.

Lighter loads will also be beneficial on the site where construction is occurring. Steel is fabricated offsite and shipped to the project. Modern improvements have made the metal lighter, equating to cheaper shipping costs when compared to other materials. Less weight and minimal fabrication means your building will leave a lighter footprint on it. While this true literally and metaphorically, it means that there will be less of an impact on the site and the overall results will have less impact on the environment.


As our last post mentioned, steel has quickly become one of the most environmentally friendly materials possible. Structural steel has a very long lifespan, but when the day does come to scrap all of that metal, there is no need worry. Steel can be recycled and remade to give the materials new life. One major benefit here is that recycled steel does not lose any of its strength, a big advantage over other recyclable materials. Steel is the top recycled product in the world, giving its users credibility toward establishing an earth-friendly image. Modern advancements have also vastly reduced the emission rate and energy amount required to create steel. Not only do recycling operations give off less pollution during production, there are fewer energy demands to get the job done. While basic math may be needed here, it’s easy to see how steel adds up to be the best product, both for you the consumer and Mother Earth.

Structural steel is an older product with modern advancements to easy make it the top choice for building construction. The benefits you can take advantage of with this material quickly add up. In our next blog, we’ll cover a few more of the advantages that steel can offer. We’re trying to cover the main benefits, but there is not enough time in the day to fully explain them all.When it comes to steel fabrication companies, Sanilac Steel holds a clear advantage in the industry. Our trained team of structural steel fabricators has provided Michigan with the best results since 1967. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on your project!