Many Americans are aware of structural steel and its prevalence in society. However, we’re confident that most of those are ill-informed about the numerous advantages that steel holds over other materials in the industry. As quality structural steel fabricators for Michigan, Sanilac Steel has a passion for this popular metal. From fabrication to ornamental metal work, our team has the tools and experience to craft you the perfect product, every time. We’re crazy about steel for a number of reasons. Our last blog looked at a few major advantages that come with utilizing steel. Today, we’ll continue this look into why structural steel design should be your top choice when planning that next building. Since 1976, Sanilac Steel has been proud to serve the state of Michigan, and these benefits help to explain why!

Material Versatility

When it comes to designing and constructing a structure, the greatest minds are limited by the versatility of the materials being used. You may have a fantastic idea that provides the perfect image of beauty and conformity, but the real priority behind any building is structural integrity. A stunning architectural project will be worthless if it is not safe for users and is not able to withstand the effects of weather and gravity. This metal composition can be utilized in an ever-expanding variety of ways, from home roofing to record-breaking skyscrapers. Recent advances have made structural steel an attractive option for residential projects as well as commercial ones. Homeowners have also utilized the versatility of steel for remodeling projects, where more space and support are integral for success.

Another key component for steel’s versatility is its ability to work well with other materials. Steel is perfect for strength and support, yet wood offers prominent insulatory properties as well as aesthetic ones. Our government’s housing authority has released a report that not only promotes steel use in traditional home construction, it also guides developers on how to effectively do so. Steel’s ability to hold up in various forms for numerous functions makes it a top choice for more than just structural applications. Sanilac Steel also specializes in ornamental metal work to decorate your space with expertly-crafted works of art!

Faster Fabrication

Structural steel fabrication and design makes it an ideal product for getting projects done with time to spare. Often times, the structural integrity of materials used in construction needs to be consistently checked to ensure that there are no failure dangers. As our last blog stated, steel is fabricated offsite and shipped to the project ready to be assembled. Less time is spent constructing and fine-tuning the material to be used. Steel’s track record has proven that it is ideal for saving time for the entire length of the project. The benefits of this are widespread, from less time spent delaying others to decreasing the demand for traffic control services.

Cost-Effective Construction

For all endeavors, price always ends up being the deciding factor. Steel is a clear choice when it comes to getting the most value for your investment. Based on our last category, it’s easy to see that the decreased construction time will equate to big savings. Going over a deadline can be costly for many contractors on a strict deadline, and the costs of paying workers’ wages and renting equipment can quickly add up.

Steel is built to last. From a long life expectancy to steadfast structural integrity, you’re getting the most work from a single material. The costs of maintenance and repairs can pile up over the lifespan of a structure. Steel requires little maintenance service and is designed to stand strong regardless of what is thrown its way.

Modern innovations have also helped to lower the financial burden of purchasing steel. Our marketplace places a high value on lower prices, giving rise to the race for innovations. Today’s steel production is completed more than ten times faster than methods that were used only a couple of decades ago. The lower cost of production equates to a lower price tag for the purchaser.

There are dozens of factors that work in tandem to save money over the lifespan of your steel structure. From lower insurance premiums to recycling incentives, people are sure to feel good about their investment.

Steel is a versatile product that goes up quickly and stays there. These two main factors can equate to substantial fiscal savings over time. This handy material provides a wide array of applications to help humanity improve and thrive. While the points we mentioned are a great start for explaining the benefits, it is by no means complete. If you’re in need of structural steel fabricators in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place! Sanilac Steel has specialized in this industry for over forty years. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on your residential or commercial project!