The world of steel structure design and fabrication is rife with inaccuracies and outdated notions on how this versatile metal performs, creating a negative stigma that continues to affect the public’s opinion to this day. Finding a quality steel fabrication company that can meet your needs and budget in an efficient, accurate manner can help change the outcome of your project. Since 1967, Sanilac Steel has proudly served as your go-to team of structural steel fabricators in Michigan, providing a comprehensive set of services to deliver the best result possible. Our designers, fabricators, and steel erectors strive to get the job done on time and on budget with honest, reliable assistance through every phase of construction.

People say we’re crazy about steel structural steel design and fabrication, but we like to think of ourselves as “passionate.” Today, our steel fabrication company will take a look at a few of the many misconceptions and fallacies surrounding our modern industry. When done, be sure to reach out to our experts to receive an accurate quote on your upcoming project!

Myth: Steel Frames Rust Too Much

The prevalent moisture and constantly changing weather of our state makes corrosion and rust very serious concerns when it comes to structural steel. While steel is an amazing material, it’s one true limitation is its quick oxidation process. The iron composition of this metal makes the combination of air and moisture destructive, especially in more porous surfaces. One modern approach to protecting the durable surface of your steel products is galvanization, where a coating of zinc is applied to the exterior. When properly performed, zinc processing protects the exposed surfaces of your metal elements for a long time. Sanilac Steel is proud to offer structural steel fabrication services that can last more than half a century!

Myth: Steel Buildings Make it Difficult to Maintain the Temperature

One common complaint we hear from naysayers with our structural steel products is that they are not easy to heat or cool. From steel-framed buildings to all-metal structures, it is important to insulate your metals to help provide proper climate control. Buildings that are insulated properly will experience little issue with expansion, contraction, and temperature retention. In fact, steel’s rate of expansion is much closer when compared to traditional construction materials, minimizing the chances of developing unsightly cracks along the plaster. Sudden temperature changes can wreak havoc on lumber and concrete, whereas steel stands strong.

In many cases, steel is the preferred material for structures that are built in extreme climates. If you are in need of a durable medium for your Michigan project, be sure to contact our steel fabricators for a quote!

Myth: Lighting Dangers Make Steel Structures Too Risky

We understand the misconception that this versatile metal will act conducively when struck by lightning. Many clients question the true safety of steel-framed buildings, as metal tends to act as a lightning rod in many applications. While a better conductor for transferring a current, your metal structure will actually transfer the energy straight into the ground below. Improperly grounded buildings, such as those utilizing traditional building materials, can actually be much more dangerous. Non-metal structures, when not properly grounded, have the risk of not conducting the energy into the earth, transferring that dangerous energy into the frame of the building and creating major hazards for both the structure and its inhabitants. Steel is also non-flammable, making it safer in instances where a fire hazard springs up as a result from lightning.

Contrary to popular belief, metal structures do not increase the prevalence of lightning strikes. Normally, lightning takes path of least resistance, frequentingly striking high points in the landscape, thin structures, or structures that cover a lot of ground. The size and dimensions of your structure will ultimately determine how conductive it is for lightning strikes.

The world of modern steel is plagued by inaccuracies and misinformation among consumers. Next time, we’ll continue on this topic by breaking down a few more common myths that are associated with structural steel. If you are in need of quality structural steel fabricators in Michigan, be sure to reach out to the Sanilac Steel team before beginning your project! Our experts are here and ready to optimize your project through each phase of construction, from planning and design to the grand opening. Contact us today to receive a quote on your upcoming project.