When it comes to the construction industry, no material is as strong and versatile as steel. This durable metal has been an imperative part of building our country, and modern advancements have ensured that structural steel is going nowhere. While steel is here to stay, the myriad of misinformation has created a skewed view for the regular citizen. As a leader among steel fabrication companies in the country, Sanilac Steel is here to help your structure thrive for the long term. Since 1967, our structural steel fabricators in Michigan have worked hard to streamline the process of steel structure design, fabrication, and erection. All of our employees are trained and equipped to provide the most versatile and safe steel services in the state. The Sanilac team is here to your all-in-one source for steel services, minimizing the complexities often involved with managing a large project.

While we’re passionate about our honest and efficient services, we understand that not everyone is up to speed on the true value of structural steel. Today, we’ll continue to dispel steel myths that are commonplace in our modern society. When done, be sure to contact our steel contractors for a fast and accurate quote for your project!

Myth: Less Weight Equates to Less Cost

One common fallacy we’ve seen in the steel industry is the idea that lighter materials mean smaller price tags. The common logic used here is that lighter weights equate to less labor, less use of machinery, and more efficiency in transporting and erecting these steel products. In many cases, the opposite can actually be true! Oftentimes, the cost of structural steel fabrication actually relies on several other factors, including the time and materials needed to create thinner materials, more fabrication costs, maintenance, and possible repairs throughout the life of the product. It’s important to work with your steel fabricator to determine a building plan that meets your demands as well as your budget.

Myth: Steel Structures are too Expensive

The initial price tag of steel is higher than other building materials, it is true. However, quality structural steel products will become well worth the investment as time goes on. The long-term maintenance costs of a steel building will be much, much lower when compared to similar structures comprised of other building materials. Repairs to the framing, such as fills for shifting and settling foundations, will also be non-existent. As the decades go by, your steel structure will stand resiliently against the elements. The long-term payoff of steel comes from its longevity in addition to its minimal upkeep costs. Anyone worried about the initial cost of their building will be relieved when they see the expansive ROI. As always, our structural steel fabricators in Michigan are here and ready to help with the best advice and quality services to optimize your project.

Myth: Steel Buildings Cannot be Altered Once Built

Many individuals across the country see steel as a cold, unmoving material that is permanently set in its ways. Contrary to popular belief, expanding a steel building is actually much more convenient than modifying the existing framework for wood or concrete structures. This galvanized metal is versatile and flexible enough to be applied to nearly any building, making upgrades a simple and effective process. Property owners are often surprised by the ease and efficiency at which our steel erectors can implement new additions and building improvements.

Myth: Wi-Fi Can Be Hampered by Steel-Framed Structures

The solid nature of this treated metal makes it the source for many concerns, including the transference of data and radio signals through metal materials. Waves and signals rely on diffraction, or the process by which those waves spread out as they come into contact with a narrow aperture or across a fine edge. Fortunately for all of us, these waves can pass around steel as efficiently as other materials. Your wireless internet, for example, is unaffected by steel-framed buildings. While the studies surrounding internet reception and structural steel are not fully up to date, we can confidently say that no complaints have been raised in concerns to steel buildings and internet reception.

The world of modern steel is rife with misconceptions and false information, often hampering the progress of our industry’s amazing advancements. Since 1967, Sanilac Steel has worked hard to create the best outcomes for our clients with reliable, honest, and cost-effective solutions. From ornamental metal work to commercial steel fabrication services, our experienced team is here and ready to make a positive impact on your site. Contact us today to learn more!