In today’s society, we are afforded the modern luxuries that were nonexistent in the recent past. This can be true for numerous industries, and structural steel is no different. Steel fabrication companies make this hardy metal for many different applications and purposes. Each grade of steel is designed for a certain purpose and strength. In fact, there are nearly 4,000 grades of steel available for utilization across the globe! When it comes to steel structure design and implementation, we can help! Sanilac Steel Inc has been in business for half of a century, equating to plentiful experience and expertise. Our team of structural steel erectors and fabricators has provided Michigan with the best metal for 50 years, and we’re ready to help you.From our mobile welding service to crane rentals, Sanilac has the materials you need to get the job done!

Today, we’ll take a look at two of the four common types of steel that can be used in numerous applications. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has categorized steel into four groups based on their differing properties.


Steel that falls under this category contains several alloying elements in order to change the steel’s properties. The level of each alloy dictates the level of specific characteristics in order to produce a specialized product for a specific situation. Common alloying elements include nickel, copper, aluminium, and so on. Structural steel fabrication is not the only purpose of these alloy materials. Common uses include car parts, cooking equipment, and jewelry. Alloyed steel helps much of the structural steel world thanks to its versatility.


Carbon steel also contains alloying elements, but to a much, much smaller degree. The level of carbon in the metal classifies carbon steel into three different categories:

  • Low Carbon Steels. Containing up to 0.3% carbon, this steel type can be utilized for home appliances, vehicle parts, etc.
  • Medium Carbon Steels. Comprised between 0.3 and 0.7% carbon, this mid-range option is widely used for railroad rails, crankshafts, and even structural applications if the right precautions are taken to protect it from temperature extremes. While high in tensile strength, medium carbon is still brittle and can fail.
  • High Carbon Steels. Anything over 0.7% falls into this category of high memory, high strength metals.Common uses include springs and wires. The increase in strength, though, makes high carbon even more brittle and less ductile.
  • Ultra High Carbon Steels. While not used as often, this extremely high carbon-infused metal is commonly used for knives and specialty car parts. Although it does bring great strength, impracticality has defined this steel type as a special-purpose process.

Steel is a major building block that brings great benefit to nearly all aspects of society. From car parts to stairways, the need for steel is vast. When it comes to the quality provided by steel fabrication companies, Sanilac is the best! Our experienced business has been in operation for 50 years, so we’ve done it all! As some of the best structural steel fabricators in Michigan, we’re confident that we can deliver high-quality steel in an honest, reliable manner. If you have a commercial or industrial project that is in need of structural or ornamental metal work, feel free to contact us today!