to deliver unmatched quality and long-lasting results. Regardless of the scope of your design, it pays to hire on an experienced steel company to deliver the right materials for the job. Your choice in contractors will determine the quality of project right out of the gate, so be sure to sign on with the right company for the job.

Sanilac Steel has proudly served as your trusted team of structural steel fabricators across Michigan. From steel structure design to fabrication, erection, and more, our specialists are here and ready to deliver safe, efficient results for your project.

Today, we’ll briefly highlight the basics of our complete steel structure design services, from valuable project quotes to steel frame erection and beyond. If you’re in need of steel fabrication services near Marlette, be sure to reach out to our team for assistance today!

Phase 1 – Identify Customer Needs

Determining the entirety of your needs will be beneficial both now and when ground is broken. Sanilac Steel will talk with potential clients in depth to ensure that we are the best fit for the job. Our team will acquire the data needed for steel structure design services, including what the customer needs. It will be important to fit your building’s intended purposes as well as its ideal footprint. We will also go over the overall design and any specifications listed. If there are any potential engineering challenges, potential setbacks from budgeting or scheduling, and so on, we’ll figure it out before work begins. Every facet of your project will discussed to determine the full scope of work.

Phase 2- Provide Project Proposal

Once all of the applicable information is gathered, our structural steel fabrication company will begin to assemble a proposal based on our ability to produce the right materials and services for the job. Sanilac Steel will reach out to you with our response to all of your site needs, including delivery dates of our materials, the scope of our services, required certifications, scheduling options, steel erection services, sequencing schedules, and more. Every applicable aspect of your project is covered in detail by our proposal. Sanilac Steel will be very clear with our roles on your site, providing safety and responsibility wherever we are needed. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to deliver across many industries, so be sure to contact us with your queries today!

Phase 3 – Steel Structure Design

Once on board, our team will get to work designing and detailing your building in a format that provides us with clear, concise material demands. Sanilac Steel will begin to lay the groundwork for project success, preparing drawings, developing delivery schedules, and more. Our steel contractors will develop detailed shop drawings to help refine production, reducing errors in the process. Our structural steel fabrication team will begin to fabricate the materials needed for your job, focusing on precision with all of our products. At this point, it is beneficial to determine the logistics of your steel transportation delivery, and staging procedures.

Phase 4 – Building Services

Once fabrication has begun, your site should be nearly ready for steel to go up. Our steel erection specialists will be able to then install each piece needed for your frame construction, delivering price connections and welds to ensure superior performance for years to come. Our team will work safely and efficiently to minimize the wait on your project, including the use of our mobile welding services, crane rentals, and more. Throughout the process, our team will utilize shop drawings to ensure updated results for your project. Our team will manage every aspect of steel erection, delivering ideal results in the safest manner possible.

Regardless of your design demands, it can help to sign on with a local steel fabrication company that has the experience and equipment needed to deliver ideal results on the first try. Since 1967, Sanilac Steel has served as your trusted steel fabricators across Michigan, delivering reliable results each and every time. From proposals and designs to finishing services and maintenance, our team is ready to develop the safest and most efficient processes for your job. We’ll work with you through every phase of construction to ensure an ideal outcome. Contact us today to learn more about our services!