The production of steel in this country has helped to give rise to a variety of structures that we can be proud of, from historic bridges to modern football stadiums, dynamic hospitals, and more. It’s essential to source the best materials for your structure, as the precision and quality of each part helps to create an ideal building. If you’re in need of experienced structural steel fabricators in Michigan, the pros at Sanilac Steel are here and ready to assist.

Over the decades, we have honed our steel fabrication process to provide the most effective and affordable results for our clients. Our contractors take pride in delivering safe, honest, reliable, and comprehensive services on every site we step foot on.

Today, we’ll provide a high-level overview of our steel fabrication process to highlight the importance of finding a company that can deliver a full range of services. If you’re ready to begin, then be sure to contact us for a no-obligation project quote!

Idea and Design

Structural steel can be modified to meet a wide range of design demands, which is where the first step begins. Oftentimes, builders, engineers, or even architects will put forth the demand for a specific type of steel product, which can then be designed and fabricated by qualified professionals.


Your structural steel fabricators will begin modifying the structure or part needed by cutting the material to the proper dimensions. Steel companies rely on both complex and simple tools and techniques to complete this process, including:

  • Turning — This process relies on a sharp point to cut through a metal product as it is spun. High revolution speeds and precise cutting tools allow fabricators to precisely cut the top layer of their material.
  • Drilling — When holes are needed, drills can be utilized to apply an ideal amount of rotation and force, tearing away material until a verifiable hole is left behind.
  • Grinding — Abrasion is utilized to wear down the surface of the metal, thinning the connection to make precise separations easier.
  • Laser cutting — Focusing an intense beam of light at high temperatures allow steel fabricators to cut precise shapes, often with the assistance of computer technology for added quality control.
  • Plasma — Newer techniques such as plasma cutting rely on the flow of oxygen or gas to assist with creating an electrical arc, melting metal while using air pressure to blow the waste away.
  • Welding — Applying high temperatures at precise points can heat the metal, softening it to include or exclude material.
  • High-pressure H2O — Water jets rely on rapid erosion to cut away at metals without generating heat.

Bending and Rolling

Once your pieces are cut to the proper size, it is time to bend them to create the correct shape. Most steel fabrication companies rely on modern bending equipment to deliver versatile outcomes, including compound bends, off-axis components, helical bending, and so on. No matter the scope or complexity of your project, it’s important to find a supplier who can meet all of your design demands without cutting corners or compromising safety.

Sanilac Steel provides precise results at all stages of the steel fabrication process, and form our products to match a vast variety of designs. We can also bend pipes, bars, beams, channels, tees, plates, and more. If you’re looking to fabricate a new prototype, commission ornamental metal work, or bend massive beams for a custom design, then contact our team for complete assistance!

Metal Coating

After your structural steel fabricators produce the right size and shape for the product’s intended function, the finishing process begins. Steel fabricators utilize a variety of techniques to apply metallic finishes in order to provide ideal protection, including shot dipping, electroplating, and electroless plating, among others. In most cases, the new steel product will be galvanized with zinc and carbon steel to keep moisture and corrosion away.

Sanilac Steel can deliver the right coatings to match your project demands, including coatings that:

  • Resist corrosion
  • Protect from high or low temperatures
  • Resist abrasions
  • Improve impact strength
  • Reduce friction for added component life

Steel Assembly

Upon completion, our structural steel fabricators will ship the finished products to your site. Sanilac Steel relies on experienced steel contractors to ensure a seamless transition from fabrication to installation. Efficient, safe, and affordable, our steel erection services input your new products in a precise manner to get the job done right the first time.

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Since 1967, our structural steel fabricators have delivered quality outcomes for our clients across Michigan. We believe in providing the best services possible, relying on decades of experience and highly qualified individuals to get your project done on time and on budget. If you’re ready to learn more about our steel services, feel free to contact us online. We look forward to speaking with you!