Structural steel and welding inspections are commonplace on projects across Michigan. While sometimes inconvenient, these services are essential for checking to ensure that every element of construction is completed within given tolerances. Assembling a complex steel frame correctly will help to ensure that the structure performs as designed for years to come. It is important to do the job right, and it is also important to ensure you are working with your inspectors toward the same goal.

Sanilac Steel is here to serve as your trusted structural steel fabricators across Michigan. Since 1967, our team has worked to create the best processes and foster the best relationships to create the safest and most cost-effective results for our clients. We take pride in our precision and professionalism, and will be happy to help you navigate the best course for success.

Today, we’ll discuss the value of welding inspections, as well as the top considerations when ensuring that you pass future examinations.

Communication is Key

Complex building projects rely on clear communication on a daily basis to ensure everyone is on the same page. In addition to your structural steel fabricators, your general contractor, structural engineer, inspectors, and subcontractors all need to be informed and communicative to ensure the best results.

Welding and steel structure design rely on precision, and it pays to host scheduled and impromptu meetings to cover every relevant aspect of construction. Critical elements will need to be discussed prior to building, allowing the engineer to highlight any areas they are worried about. From the structural engineer to the steel erection team, everybody needs to work together to conform to local and federal regulations.

Sanilac Steel relies on the best communication to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results. We have a history of clear communication, and will work with you and your teams to ensure that we are all informed on the jobsite.

Precision Is Vital

Structural steel can deliver the unmatched strength and ductility, but the value of this material relies solely on the accuracy of how it is assembled. Moment frames, braced frames, and other support elements must all be placed perfectly for the building to stand in a safe and long-lasting manner. It falls on the welders and the inspector to keep an eye out for any complications and create any necessary updates that are effective at solving the problem. This change will need to be accounted for with any future additions as well.

The design specifications of your steel structure are made with specific tolerances in mind. The size and length of steel products must be matched precisely, and any bolts utilized must be placed in the precise position and secured appropriately. Sanilac Steel understands the value of precision, and will make every effort to ensure your building is built to exacting standards in order to pass your weld inspections.

Changing Requirements

Building requirements can vary from project and project, and different locations can yield vastly different codes and regulations. It’s important to keep on top of any and all changes in the inspection process to ensure you aren’t insufficient on quality or precision when the time comes.

Certification May be Required

Larger projects or specialty builds may require you to employ a certified welder to oversee all work done across the site. Why? Because welding can prove to be one of the most effective ways to join a structure, but only if the proper requirements are met. There is always a risk factor to consider in any project, and employing a certified professional can help to minimize much of that risk. There are more than 30 types of welding, and the professionalism of your certified welder will do much to keep things moving along.

Sanilac Steel is here to provide precise results in a quality-first manner. We’ll work with you to ensure that all of your project requirements are met before breaking ground. Does your building have special requirements? Call us today to see how we can help!

Quality Always Matters

It is important to seek perfection in your endeavors, and structural steel is the most intensive format for this pursuit. Any minor errors at any point of construction have the potential for failure, resulting in dangerous outcomes and costly repairs. It’s essential to focus on quality through each phase to ensure that the end result comes together perfectly. Contractors who employ experienced contractors can breathe easy knowing that their steel structure and welds will be completed to plan.

Sanilac Steel has more than 50 years of experience in the industry, and our decades of success have helped to establish an ideal process that minimizes errors. Our team will be able to work with you from planning through production and placement, looking for any errors or missed building codes. Quality is a key aspect to focus on for any welds, and will help to ensure that subsequent inspections are completed without any setbacks.

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