To the average American, steel may just appear as an ordinary, boring metal. However, the science and versatility behind this substance creates a product that can be seen as the metallic backbone of society. As a provider of structural steel design and installation, we may hold a certain bias. Sanilac Steel has striven to be among the top structural steel fabricators in Michigan for decades, and our crew has the experience and equipment to get the job done right every time. Our team is ready to assist your next project with structural steel fabrication, design, mobile welding services, and crane rentals. If you need steel services, Sanilac Steel will be here to help!

While we specialize in structural and ornamental metal work, that does not mean that we are not obsessed with the material. Today’s blog will look at a few amazing facts that the average person may not know about the handy metal known as steel.

Recyclability Versatility

Steel is a widely reusable material. In fact, steel is consistently recycled at a higher rate than aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper combined. This can be attributed to steel’s ferromagnetic properties, that of which makes steel an easy substance to remove and reuse at recycling facilities. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) released a report in 2015 that stated that the United States recycled 73 million metric tons of steel, making up more than half of the recycling for domestic products. A major benefit of steel usage is its structural integrity. Unlike many materials, steel can be recycled without losing any strength in the process. SteelWorks stated that advances in technology have reduced steelwork emissions down to what is known as the efficiency limit that is defined by the laws of physics. Structural steel is considered as one of the best choices both economically and ecologically. Being able to be recycled 100 percent gives steel the potential to hold an endless life cycle.

Steel at Work

Many people do not realize how prevalent steel is in our modern society. Three-quarters of all major appliances are made of steel components. According to Statista, a website focused on compiling statistics, 1.66 billion metric tons of crude steel was produced across the world in 2014. Since its inception, steel has been a major source for developing countries to create schools, transportation, medical facilities, and so on. The Steel Market Development Institute boasts that more than 600 steel cans are recycled per second in this country. Take into account the high rate of recyclability and you have a top-quality product that will provide structural integrity in different forms for centuries to come. Another interesting usage of steel that people do not often consider is its prevalence in seatbelts. Due to its strength and resistance against high-impact movements, all seat belt clips are required to be made of steel. No matter how you look at it, steel is in every facet of society, and it is here to stay!

While these interesting statements are meant for education and entertainment, they by no means are comprehensive. Steel is a handy metal that can be utilized in a vast number of applications. If you are in need of structural steel fabricators in the Michigan area, we can help! Sanilac Steel strives to provide the best structural and ornamental metal work to suit all of our customers’ unique needs. Contact us today to learn more or to plan your next steel project!