As defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), supported scaffolding can be utilized to raise workers to higher elevations in the safest manner possible. This scaffold type relies on platforms for worker access supported by brackets, lets, beams, poles, posts, tubes, and other rigid products.

Sanilac Steel is here to serve as your comprehensive source for steel services ranging from steel structure design to mobile welding services, crane rentals, and anything else needed to get the job done. Our number-one priority on your jobsite is safety, which can mean the difference between a successful project and an unwanted injury when working at elevation.

Today, we’ll discuss the basics behind steel scaffolding. If you need assistance, be sure to reach out to our steel fabrication pros today!

Scaffolding Requires Multiple Segments

In order to provide a safe, secure, and repeatable result, your workers will need to utilize a few basic elements. Scaffolding relies on both horizontal and vertical tubes (mentioned below), also referred to as ledgers and standards. Standards raise the scaffolding up and are held in place by a base plate for added support. Ledgers are utilized for structure balance, and utilize boards for workers to walk upon. Transoms are also used to support the added weight of workers, running perpendicular to the edges.

Building Your Scaffolding From the Ground Up

In order to complete a safe and effective system to help workers reach their intended areas along the structure, your scaffolding will rely on a complex network of connections. Despite the daunting task of properly assembling scaffolding, your system will rely on three basic pieces:

  • Tubes — The basic building block for horizontal and vertical scaffolding, hot-rolled steel tubes provide rigid support, available in standard and specialty sizes to fit most site needs.
  • Couplers — Utilized to hold your tubes in place, couplers and clamps are essential in keeping the entire structure together. Contractors have a variety of products at their disposal for building a safe, simple, and effecting scaffolding structure, including swivel couplers, gravlocks, sleeve couplers, joint pins, and more.
  • Decking — Once your vertical elements are in place, it’s time to lay down the flat surface that will serve as the floors. Boards can be comprised of aluminum, wood, or steel, and must be strong enough to support workers and construction material.

Sanilac Steel can provide the most effective results for your project. Our steel fabricators specialize in delivering the strongest and most weight-conscious products, providing the most strength of any material relative to its mass. We also specialize in prototype fabrication, ornamental metal work, and other services to create the most effective outcome for your design plans.

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Large-scale projects typically rely on rigid scaffolding solutions to provide the safest and most cost-effective results. Our structural steel fabricators provide ideal services and products for projects across Michigan, relying on decades of experience and the best equipment to help get the project done on time and on budget. Contact us today to learn more about our steel services, and be sure to request your free project quote!