Modern steel structures are complex, requiring the chosen designers, fabricators, and erection crews to deliver ideal results that conform to exacting standards. If you are about to start a new build, it’s important to find the right team to handle all of your structural steel needs. Moreso, you will be tasked with finding a reliable resource for both planned and unexpected services. If you’re in need of a local steel company that has the skills and equipment to provide versatile solutions that are efficient and affordable, our structural steel fabricators in Michigan are here to help.

Sanilac Steel understands that each project is unique, and can work with you to develop the best plan that gets your work done on time in the safest and most affordable manner. We’re confident that we can provide ideal results, and our versatile services are here to enhance the outcome for any project.

Today, we’ll highlight a few applications of our steel services that may meet your site-specific needs. We also provide support services such as steel sales and mobile crane rentals to help you get the job done, so be sure to call us when you are finished to see how we can benefit your project.

What Do Our Structural Steel Services Cover?

Unlike many steel companies in the state, Sanilac Steel has the training and expertise to deliver comprehensive results across a variety of applications. We can help design, fabricate, and install any components required.

If you have a specialty project, or you require steel contractors to handle every step of a complex structure, we’re here and ready to get to work. A few applications that are a part of our standard services include:

  • Ladders — From exterior rooftop ladders to tank equipment and multi-unit fire escapes, it’s essential to install reliable ladder systems across your structure. Sanilac Steel can provide the right product to match any application.
  • Handrails — Smooth, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, the right handrail can do much to enhance facility safety. Our team can fabricate handrails in a variety of spans and sizes.
  • Pipe racks — Utilized to support long lengths of pipe, these components can deliver ideal structure where support is not available.
  • Pipe bridges — These complex steel forms are often used to support a pipeline running over a river or other geological obstacle.
  • Sheds and structures — Steel sheds can deliver long-lasting results across a variety of applications. No matter the size or complexity, our pros can provide a precise fit that is both durable and affordable.
  • Canopies and awnings — From picnic areas to building entryways, these steel canopy systems can deliver ideal protection from the elements.
  • Ornamental metalwork — Beyond steel for design purposes, our contractors can also deliver ideal results in ornamental metal work. From metal plantwork to decorative fences, railings, and more, we can meet your custom fabrication needs.
  • Full frames — Structural steel relies on complex frames to deliver long-lasting results in a large format. Sanilac Steel has the experience, equipment, and training needed to deliver precise outcomes across demanding projects.

A History of Success

Since 1967, Sanilac Steel has served as your trusted structural steel fabricators across Michigan. From the upper peninsula to the southern border, our steel company has delivered versatile and accurate results. Our contractors have taken part in several building projects, including the Port Huron Schools Performing Arts Center, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe’s casino, the Mount Pleasant Fire and Police Center, and more.

Comprehensive Results

Our steel company can also assist in more than structural steel. We can help to fill custom fabrication needs, prototype fabrication, steel sales, and more. Sanilac Steel is proud to be Michigan’s trusted steel fabricators, delivering accuracy, integrity, and honesty with all of our services. Contact us today to see what we can do for your project!