Steel fabrication is an intensive job, and one that is known to harbor several industry-specific dangers. If you are looking for a local steel fabrication company to cover your project needs, it pays to find professionals with a keen focus on safety and compliance. When it comes to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standards, many companies face a tough challenge in logistically covering any and all dangerous. Sanilac Steel in Michigan is here to set the standard for quality and safety, and we’re happy to work with you to generate the safest results for your project!

Our structural steel fabricators must adhere to strict safety standards to get the job done right. We abide by all OSHA regulations and put a proactive step forward in addressing any safety concerns before they become problems. Sanilac Steel’s top priority is a safe jobsite!

Today, we’ll conclude our discussion into the importance and value of safety on steel construction projects. Once you read up on how our company focuses on OSHA compliance, feel free to contact us online to learn more about our steel services and more!

Emergency Preparedness

OSHA requires companies with more than 10 employees to establish and maintain an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to provide a clear direction in the event of an emergency. This document highlights what employees and managers should do in the event that a fire, flood, or tornado occurs. Your chosen fabrication company should have a well-defined EAP on file which clearly delegates plans and responsibilities accordingly. Certain employees may be tasked with shutting down heavy equipment while others may be tasked with taking attendance, providing medical care, and so on.

Hiring on a steel fabrication company that focuses on OSHA compliance can provide both ideal results and peace of mind for your project. Our Emergency Action Plan is detailed and thorough, ensuring the safest results should a disaster occur. If you need structural steel fabricators, it pays to hire on a team so focused on quality and safety!

Ongoing Training

Once you have all of your plans and protocols in place, it is time to focus on integrating these safe practices into the mindset of your employees. In order to achieve ongoing success, we recommend focusing on quality control with all of your workers.

Quality control is the responsibility of each individual. From steel structure design to fabrication and erection, each member of the team is tasked with checking their equipment and surroundings for any safety concerns. Our professionals, for example, calculate the dangers of each build or project to account for any risks. If one person notices a lapse in safety, they should make note of it and report the changes immediately to rectify the problem.

Sanilac Steel focuses on safety-first protocols to create the best results on every project we step foot on. Whether you require steel stairs, mobile welding, or crane rental services, you can find peace of mind in knowing that our steel fabricators will address your project with the same level of honesty and integrity.

The Sum of Benefits

Ultimately, adhering to all applicable OSHA standards and regulations will provide a bevy of benefits. It pays to hire a steel fabrication company with a keen focus on safety and compliance. Doing so will help to minimize the chances of a worker sustaining an injury throughout the project, as well as guests and employees once the structure is finished. You can also expect the job to run smoother, as best practices help to reinforce safe outcomes. These combine to provide financial benefits to your project as well.

Sanilac Steel is here to serve as your experienced structural steel fabrications across Michigan. Our company is dedicated to safety, and the long-term success of our safety program has helped to pass our savings onto our clients.

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Since 1967, Sanilac Steel has worked diligently to improve our safety program. We make safety a requirement for all of our steel services, and our company culture encourages smart decisions every step of the way. If you have a project coming up and wish to benefit from industry-leading steel design, fabrication, and erection services, be sure to contact us online. We look forward to working with you!