Constructing a new building involves a lot of different parts that all need to mesh together perfectly to ensure a beneficial outcome. From the grading crew to the final walkthrough, your building will require a lot of different services before it is finished. One area that requires professional efforts for a safe and affordable finish is steel structure design and erection. Sanilac Steel is proud to be your go-to team of structural steel fabricators in Michigan, delivering professional services that aim to get the job done on time and on budget. Since 1967, we’ve worked hard to become one of the most trusted steel fabrication companies in the state. Building on a reputation of safety, quality, and integrity, the Sanilac Steel team is here to deliver impressive results with a smile.

Our steel services provide all of the support you need from one company. Today, we’ll take some time to preview a few of our offered services to give you a better idea of how our company operates. If you’re in need of a steel company that cares, be sure to reach out to our team for a quote today!

Structural Steel Design

While modern steel is pushing the limits of science and effectiveness, it needs to be designed and engineered in a way that can support high-weight loads while still providing adequate space for the structure. Through design and structural analysis, our experts are able to provide the support and integrity your building needs. Generally, architects and builders will have to concern themselves with two different factors:

  • Allowable Stress Design (ASD) measures the actual and allowable stresses that can be placed on your structure. Also known as allowable strength design, engineers take a wide range of factors and combine them to determine the strength maximum. This can include the design dead load, live load with occupants included, the weight of ice, and so on.
  • Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) is essentially the same process, but focuses more on the actual stresses put on the structure instead of the ultimate load limits. The LRFD formula takes in wind actions to allow a position correction factor for more accurate results.

Mobile Welding Services

Being able to provide high-quality welding services to the jobsite is one reason why Sanilac Steel is so popular for Michigan projects. Our experienced welders will be able to provide everything you need to keep everything on schedule and within budget tolerances. Whether changes need to be made to your wrought iron fencing, or you need a full team for steel frame construction, Sanilac is here to offer quality welding services anywhere you go.

Crane Rentals

Procuring a crane to do all of the heavy lifting on your site can be difficult, but our steel fabrication company is here to help. Renting a crane can prove to be a very economical choice when compared to purchasing one. For one, our services are very cost-effective, with professional assistance for any task or problem. Sanilac Steel is also happy to provide experienced crane operators to keep your project running as safely and efficiently as possible. Having a professional operator at the controls often makes the cost of a crane rental well worth it.

Custom Steel Fabrication

Our structural steel fabrication process is ideal for creating custom solutions for your project’s unique needs. Being able to fabricate and install steel in a wide variety of applications helps to make us a versatile option for steel services. From stainless steel to aluminum, our team can produce nearly any shape needed for an ideal outcome. We utilize a large list of approaches to create your metal products, from rolling and bending to machining and welding. Sanilac Steel has worked on a diverse range of projects, from the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe Casino to the oncology center at Alpena Hospital. If you can think it, chances are that our steel experts can design it!

Finding a steel fabrication company with the equipment and skills necessary to finish your project in a timely and affordable manner can be a challenge, but Sanilac Steel is here to help. Our services are so numerous that we will continue this blog topic next time. Our structural steel fabricators help Michigan construction sites with reliable, honest services that are as safe as they are effective. Contact us today to receive a quote or to see how we can optimize your jobsite!