When it comes to modern construction practices, designers and builders have a number of materials to choose from to optimize their structures. Today’s technology has helped to make structural steel and steel structure design very appealing options, delivering a wide range of advantages. Developers and builders in need of the top steel fabrication companies can benefit from working with Sanilac Steel. Since 1967, our structural steel fabricators in Michigan have worked to perfect the practice, delivering amazing results with quality services through every stage of construction to get your project done on time and on budget.

Our infographic aims to highlight a few of the most common advantages that structural steel design has to offer. Below are a few of these benefits explained in greater detail. When you are ready, be sure to contact us today for a project quote!


Steel holds a major advantage when it comes to strength and resistance to damage, corrosion, and more. Any issues in terms of rust and decay can be treated and conditioned during production to provide comprehensive protection. The incredible strength-to-weight ratio of structural steel makes it very durable per pound, providing support for decades to come. Unlike wood products, steel is impervious to rot and pest problems. Another advantage is life expectancy, as steel can be relied on for decades without concern.


Modern practices such as those utilized by Sanilac Steel can provide major boosts in cost efficiency. Steel is lightweight and adaptable, making it an optimal choice in terms of transportation costs and scheduling conflicts. Improved fabrication processes has also helped to cut down on costs, making structural steel an easy choice.


Treated steel holds strong against fire and moisture, making structures more reliable and safe in case of an emergency. Steel is also nonporous, resulting in a building that is highly resistant to mold, mildew, and other environmental factors that can affect your health. Our steel contractors are also up to speed in the top safety practices, ensuring a healthy outcome for your employees.


Contrary to popular belief, our steel products place little impact on the environment. Improved practices have helped to make steel very eco-friendly, relying on a process that makes modern metals endlessly recyclable, boasting an incredible recycle rate that helps to reduce waste with clean, reliable solutions. Today’s facilities have greatly reduced emissions as well, including plants that put off zero carbon dioxide and processes that recycle nearly all of the water used in production.


The high strength and low weight of steel helps to make structural steel design an incredibly versatile process. Our fabricators can work with you to create customized solutions with amazing results, as steel can be made into nearly any shape with less concern for structural demands. From ornamental metal work to expansive residential spaces to dynamic sports stadiums, our steel fabrication company in Marlette can help to create innovative and versatile solutions for every space.

Steel is a modern-day marvel that builds on decades of innovation to create an unbeatable product for your construction needs. Finding a team with the experience and equipment needed to create durable results at an amazing price can make all of the difference in your project. Sanilac Steel is proud to offer our team of structural steel fabricators for Michigan projects, creating top-notch solutions in the construction industry. Contact us today to see how we can optimize your upcoming project!