As our blog series goes on, a theme continues to develop centering around the comprehensive quality provided by steel products. Steel structure design, fabrication, and erection have all improved greatly over the past few decades, making this building material more advantageous for builders than ever before. We often discuss the benefits of steel and how it can improve your project, yet we never discuss how beneficial it can be to source your metal from a local source. Sanilac Steel happens to be one of the best steel fabrication companies in the country, drawing on decades of experience and top-notch practices to make your jobsite fast, safe, and efficient. From the structural steel design phase to the grand opening, our team is here to get your project done on time and on budget.

Our structural steel fabricators in Michigan are proud to create high-quality steel right here in the USA. Today, we’ll discuss a few advantages of buying American-made metal products, as well as the benefits of working with Sanilac Steel. When done, be sure to get a hold of us to learn more about our comprehensive steel services!

Lower Costs

Oftentimes, people seek out structural steel and other metal products overseas to save money. One important consideration to remember before buying abroad is the cost of shipping your product. The logistical challenge of crossing through different governing entities can vary greatly based on where you buy from. Shipping domestically from one point in the USA to the other, for example, is much more affordable compared to the shipping cost of international cargo.

The process of shipping steel over land, by sea, or by air will create expenditure in the form of tariffs and taxes. Based on where you buy, your metal shipment can change drastically in cost. Buyers who do not do their thorough research beforehand run the risk of spending far too much on their manufactured steel.

Empowering the Economy

Buying local can be beneficial to our country for many reasons. One major advantage is the boost that your domestic purchase brings to the economy. When buying locally, a majority of the money spent by consumers stays within that community. Money that is kept local will help to empower the local economy. Economists have been known to use blood as a metaphor, where circulating the capital that is spent back into the local area will keep businesses running smoothly. When shoppers buy elsewhere, that money bleeds out, hurting local businesses.

Buying your steel from a domestic source will also help put more Americans to work. Our structural steel fabricators, designers, and erectors all rely on local orders to finance their lives, making local metal sourcing a beneficial task for everybody involved. Outside of the metal specialists, other employees benefit as well. Mill workers, product and tool specialists, and truckers all gain employment from our services.

Simpler Logistics

Figuring out all of the complex regulations and tariffs involved with international shipping for your steel products can be very challenging. In many cases, entities will hire or train a select individual to specialize in transporting internationally. From procuring the metals to storing them to hiring help in order to transport them to a boat or other device, a lot of different factors need to sync up in order to avoid costly issues. Buying domestically, on the other hand, saves buyers from the logistical nightmare of working with different transportation agencies.

Better Oversight

One clear advantage of buying structural steel products in America is the level of oversight and responsibility that comes with being a local source. Purchasing metal from overseas may be more affordable, but the assurance of quality may be lacking. When it comes to structural steel fabrication, creating a product that is strong, consistent, and reliable is of paramount importance. Building with inferior steel can create major risks for everyone, and is never worth the risk in our book. In the US, companies are held to a rigid standard for all of their metal fabrication services.

When it comes to finding a steel fabrication company, many buyers look abroad to try and save money. It’s important to do thorough research and plan for the logistical challenges when doing so. Those looking for structural steel fabricators in Michigan can benefit from getting into touch with our experienced company. Sanilac Steel has proudly served the area for more than 50 years, and we’re here to deliver valuable metal services to your project. Contact us today to receive a quote for our local services!