The art of welding is a highly respected and sought-after skill in the construction industry. Structural steel, in particular, represents a high demand for quality welding services. While static welding shops are perfect for getting the job done off site, it is often easier to seek out a mobile version to maximize success. Sanilac Steel knows the value of this, which is why we’re proud to offer top-notch mobile welding services for our customers. Our company’s dedication to ultimate quality, safety, and satisfaction helps to make us one of the top choices for structural steel fabricators in Michigan. Since 1967, we’ve worked tirelessly to provide clients with all of the services they may need in the field. Today, we’ll look at the benefits of utilizing mobile welding services and how it can speed up your structural steel tasks. Sanilac Steel aims to provide you with the best support, from our shop to your site!

Mobile Convenience

Bringing the effectiveness of a welding shop into the field can prove to be a very convenient move. The act of transporting, welding, and returning to the site will result in lost time and finances. Our mobile welding service brings the welder to your site, avoiding traffic jams and wait times altogether. Our team will arrive ready to rock, keeping your project moving smoothly and on schedule. Most jobs have enough going on without the worry of transporting materials, coordinating with the welder, and arranging a time to transport the metal back to the site.

Faster Turnaround Times

As we have just stated, our specialists will arrive on the job with your task as the sole focus. Welding shops can become very chaotic at a moment’s notice, with multiple clients coming in for urgent services. The turnaround time here can range out as far as a few weeks, causing you unnecessary stress and possibly delaying the project. As we all know, time is money, and setbacks on the jobsite will equate to high costs. Our mobile welding truck will arrive on the scheduled time with no distractions or setbacks to slow down the fine-tuned machine known as your project. All services will be completed on the spot to deliver you immediate results.

Tailored Services

A major part of the convenience factor revolves around the pain of transporting materials to the welding shop. Some structures or parts simply cannot be moved and must remain on the jobsite. Our certified experts are trained to work on a variety of applications in a speedy and thorough manner. Sanilac Steel has the advantage of decades of steel installation experience, giving our mobile welders all of the tools needed to offer premium solutions to clients in the field. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for any and all steel needs, from crane rentals to ornamental metal work.

Honest Prices

Sanilac Steel’s dedication to honesty and integrity shows in our onsite services. Our quoting system will ensure that you get an accurate price for our services to avoid any surprise bills before the project ends. Hidden fees and service charges can be enough to drive any contractor mad, and we know the feeling. Every task that we undertake will be done right on your jobsite, giving you a first-row seat to observe the reasons behind our financial charges.

Versatility and Flexibility

Utilizing a mobile welding service that offers a wide range of skills can be very helpful for multiple aspects of any project. We pride ourselves on being able to offer premium services and solutions for any client needs. If you are looking for assistance in the early dawn hours or have the need for welding late in the evening, our professionals can help. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect time for us to stop in and perform our duties regardless of the time or day. Sanilac Steel also boasts a wide range of steel services, from structural steel design to prototype fabrication. Our dedication to comprehensive assistance has helped to make us one of the best steel fabrication companies in Michigan!

Regardless of your project’s unique requirements and needs, Sanilac Steel can be very helpful. Our mobile welding service helps to provide a unique set of benefits that are not afforded by standard welding shops. Our experienced team of structural steel fabricators has helped Michigan projects to reach their maximum potential since 1967. Contact us today to receive an accurate quote for your next project!