Structural steel fabrication and installation can involve a number of different welding styles, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. One method is stud welding, which resembles flash welding. As your go-to structural steel fabricators in Michigan, Sanilac Steel is here to provide the best products and results for your project. Our expert team is here to provide quality steel structure design, fabrication, and installation across the Great Lake State. Since 1967, we’ve worked to be among the best steel fabrication companies in the area by focusing on delivering consistent results safely and affordably. Today, we’ll discuss a few benefits that you can expect when stud welding for your construction needs. When it’s time to find the right structural steel fabricators and builders for your Michigan job, be sure to contact Sanilac Steel!

Speedy Results

The process of stud welding leads to quicker results on your project. By adhering a fastener to a metal piece, then placing the stud on a base metal and melting the stud to the base with a weld arc, you can place the stud into the molten metal until it cools and regains its rigidity. If done right, you can produce quality welds in 0.06 seconds! The process of attaching your stud to a thin piece of metal is not difficult and can be done rather quickly. Over the course of your work, that saved time will equate to more work being done and more money being saved.

Cost-Effective Work

Welding two metal pieces together can require a lot of time and material. Even if the products required to weld are not numerous, the price of the specifically needed materials can quickly drive up costs. Utilizing a welding process that is less intensive and more efficient can work to save you the price of paying for top-skilled labor while also avoiding running over on time and costs.

Strong Products

Joining two materials can result in a weak point where the joint is formed. Stud welding, however, creates a weld that far exceeds the strength of either parent material or the stud itself. This is beneficial because it ensures that your weld will outlast everything surrounding it. Stud welding is ideal because, if done right, avoids creating faults along the joint.

Valuable Versatility

The process of stud welding can provide a wide range of uses with structural steel fabrication. Whether for installation or repair, stud welding is useful for:

  • Wiring looms
  • Handles
  • Guards
  • Insulation systems
  • Much more!

A key benefit of this welding style is that you only need access to one side of the piece you are working on. This can be useful in applications such as railing installations.

Stud welding is ideal when working with surfaces that are pre-treated or painted. The versatility of this style can be used to fashion bridges, buildings, and more. The only limiting factor here is your imagination.

Minimizing Splatter

The mess associated with welding can vary greatly based on which type or style you are utilizing on the jobsite. Metal inert gas (MIG) welding, for example, creates a stunning display of electricity when an electric arc forms between the electrode and associated metals. While great for making welding look glamorous in movies, MIG welding creates a large amount of weld splatter. There are different tips and tricks that you can use to minimize splatter from this type, yet the mess can still affect the surrounding area. Stud welding utilizes a ceramic cover to insulate your arc and weld area, minimizing any splatter concerns.

When it comes down to it, stud welding is a versatile, sturdy welding method that saves money and requires little technical skill. Stud welding is often confused with resistance or spot welding which utilize an electric current and high pressure to bond two materials while stud welding uses an electric arc process to get the job done. As your experienced structural steel fabricators in Michigan, Sanilac Steel knows the value of this welding method. It is often utilized with our mobile welding service! If you have an upcoming project and need the help of one of the top steel fabrication companies in the region, feel free to contact us today for a quote!