These days, you can find structural steel in nearly every building application. This material is now one of the most affordable and eco-friendly products available, adding to the superior strength and design potential for which it is already known. Builders all over have come to rely on the quality and reliability offered by steel structure design services. One thing to remember is that the accuracy of your results will largely depend on the experience and skill of your steel fabrication company.

Since 1967, Sanilac Steel has proudly served as your trusted steel fabricators across Michigan, delivering timely results that are available to support every stage of your project. From mobile welding services to crane rentals, ornamental metal work, and more, our team is able to deliver honest, reliable services on every job.

Today, we’ll continue to highlight why we as Michigan-based steel fabricators advocate structural steel for many large-scale construction projects. If you’re in need of structural steel fabrication, design, or erection services, be sure to contact our office today!

Incredible Ductility

Steel can prove very ductile, an advantage for many design applications. Ductility is the measure of a material’s ability to resist tearing during elongation. Steel wire can be produced from this rigid material, proving how versatile it is. Steel is advantageous from a design perspective because it provides superior support against failure. Modern structural steel is rigid, reducing the deformation placed on a building in the event of a major incident. Large buildings and small structures alike can benefit from proper steel structure designs, as code compliance has become a major selling point for many builders.

Strength Under Pressure

Many building materials are available to support and clad any structure, yet the overall tensile and yield strengths of structural steel help to make it among the most commonly used worldwide. Modern construction relies on the highest level of support to ensure safe outcomes despite any unforeseen events or damages. A safety factor is considered in all design applications, ensuring that proper steps are taken beyond the minimum requirements for normal operations. In structural steel design, the strength of this metal ensures that your building is engineered for success.

Efficient Results

Overall, structural steel fabrication has evolved to become among the most efficient processes in the industry. Despite industry fluctuations of all sorts, this process involves the best processes to minimize waste and high costs. From design to production, labor, shipping, installation, and more, builders can benefit from the cost-effective results of steel construction. Your structural steel, if properly treated, can last for an incredibly long time. In every case, the steel frame of your structure will outlast the rest of the building!

Sanilac Steel can deliver accurate, affordable results for projects of all magnitudes. Our local structural steel fabricators have the experience and equipment needed to match your building demands.

Environmental Advantages

Beyond producing little waste while yielding an incredible lifespan, structural steel is also highly recyclable. Builders relying on the long-lasting effects of this material can rely on the fact that it is now steel, forever. Once at the end of its lifetime, steel components can (in most cases) be infinitely recycled. More than 90 percent of domestic structural steel contains recycled metal. This sustainability has helped to keep costs down while also reducing the amount of pollutants created by fabrication.

Modern steel is also considerably inert as a building component. There are no measurable toxins emitted during structural steel fabrication or installation services. After installation, your steel will remain inert, negating many environmental concerns associated with a project site. Over the years, this lack of reactivity will help to reduce future environmental concerns.

Regardless of your project demands, it pays to enlist the help of a local company to ensure that all of your structural steel designs are matched to perfection. Those looking to enlist the help of professional steel fabricators in Michigan can turn to Sanilac Steel for complete service. For decades, our team has worked to deliver the best outcomes in a reliable and honest fashion. We specialize in steel fabrication and erection services, delivering high-quality outcomes to ensure your building makes the most of its steel structure design. Contact us today to learn more about our quality approach to our steel construction services, and be sure to ask for your project quote!