When it comes to finding the best building materials for your project, you may face the challenge of finding the right option for the job. Those in need of steel stairs for buildings, catwalks, or site access, may opt for the natural beauty of timber. However, structural steel may prove to be the better option. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of steel stairs, and be sure to reach out to our steel fabrication company for assistance.

Sanilac Steel is here to serve as your steel fabricators across Michigan. For more than 50 years, our company has worked to improve our comprehensive steel services, ranging from structure design to fabrication, installation, and more!

Safe Results

There’s no way to eliminate the inherent dangers of stairs, but opting for a rigidly reliable material can help to reduce future concerns. Structural steel provides ideal support for your interior and exterior staircases, relying on unmatched strength to meet a wide variety of designs. Wood stairs can prove to be beautiful, yet over time, any degradation can begin to weaken the safety of your stair structure.

Minimized Maintenance

Unlike other materials available for use with industrial stairs, structural steel does not require a lot of maintenance to remain beautiful and seamless. With the right coatings, your stairs will remain in an ideal condition for the long haul, relying on minimal cleaning demands for a lasting shine. Over time, this reduction in maintenance work will free up more of your resources to focus on other demands. 

Design Versatility

One of the biggest advantages of steel for your staircase demands comes in the form of malleability. From simple single-span stairs to multi-platform builds, spirals, or any other extreme design, the chances are high that steel can get the job done. Our structural steel design team can help you achieve stunning results for your building’s stairs, whether that consists of a straightforward option or something much more involved. 

Long-Lasting Protection

Durability is a primary focus when it comes to implementing ideal building elements, and when it comes to steel stairs, you can expect ideal protection for the long haul. Unlike timber, steel is impervious to pests and invasive species. It can also hold up to extreme conditions (a valuable factor in our climate). With the right additives, your steel stairs can remain free from rust and corrosion, as well. Steel will also defend from heavy foot traffic and accidental impacts, further protecting your investment.

Affordable Investments

Advances in structural steel design and fabrication have helped to make this building material more affordable than ever. Sanilac Steel is here to provide the most effective outcomes for your money, relying on proven processes and more than 50 years of experience in the industry to minimize your costs wherever possible. Our structural steel fabrication services feature modern techniques and stringent quality control to ensure that your stair components arrive at the site ready for assembly. If assistance is needed, then be sure to ask about our steel erection services!

Expanded Product Lifespan

The value of your steel stairs will become more evident as time goes on. Modern structural steel delivers a wide range of benefits to meet your building needs, including the long-lasting protection we mentioned earlier. This protection helps to further increase the incredible longevity of steel. You can expect decades of quality service from your steel stairs, especially when the proper maintenance measures and necessary repairs are enacted. 

Looking for Quality Steel Services?

Our steel fabrication company is here to assist in your project from start to finish. We offer steel design, fabrication, and erection services backed by our crane rentals, prototype fabrications, mobile welding services, and more. We’re confident that we can provide ideal results for your project, from steel services to highrise buildings and more.

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