1. OSHA-Approved Steel Fabrication Practices And The Value Of Safety, Part 2

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  2. Tips to Maximize Your Metal Fabrication From Our Steel Design Team

    If you have a project requiring custom metal fabrication, then it is essential to find a company with the equipment and experience to get the job done. Steel fabrication companies specialize in structural steel, welding services, prototype fabrication, and other specialties to address a range of professional needs. These skills can come in handy for those needing to generate a customized design. I…Read More

  3. Why Steel Stairs? Our Steel Fabrication Company Explains the Advantages

    When it comes to finding the best building materials for your project, you may face the challenge of finding the right option for the job. Those in need of steel stairs for buildings, catwalks, or site access, may opt for the natural beauty of timber. However, structural steel may prove to be the better option. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of steel stairs, and be sure to reach out to…Read More

  4. Need Steel Fabrication Services? Trust Sanilac Steel For Comprehensive Results!

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  5. Why Should You Trust Stainless Steel Fabrication? Sanilac Steel Explains

    Modern building design has evolved to become a complex symphony of parts and services to ensure the best results and decades of quality use. In order to match or exceed the design requirements set forth for your unique design, you will need to decide on which building material will best suit your needs. Many people are quick to point out the price of stainless steel fabrication as a reason not to …Read More

  6. Rely On Our Michigan Team for Custom Steel Plate Fabrication Services

    Projects of all sizes rely on steel plate fabrication for an accurate and effective outcome, relying  on proven forming techniques and precise results to ensure a job well done. Sanilac Steel specializes in structural steel fabrication across Michigan, relying on our decades of experience and proven techniques to create ideal fits with long-lasting materials. If you need custom steel plate fabric…Read More

  7. Explaining Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Steel Fabrication

    At the professional and personal level, we all strive to generate the most value for our money. In the construction industry, this endeavor can result in improved practices, more accurate outcomes, and safer workspaces. Some companies, however, may offer the lowest prices through less-reputable means. When it comes to steel structure design and fabrication, many factors are involved which can impa…Read More

  8. Explaining the Value of Deburring in Our Steel Fabrication Process

    Steel fabrication has come a long way in recent decades, maximizing strength while pushing the upper limits of recyclability. We can spend all day talking about the positives of structural steel, but one byproduct of our fabrication is here and nearly impossible to avoid — burrs. These minor imperfections may generate serious problems later on, which is why it’s essential to find the right con…Read More

  9. Highlighting Protective Measures for Your Structural Steel

    Structural steel has become the top building material for designers worldwide for a number of reasons. Many builders rely on steel because of its strength, versatility, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness, but they need to account for one drawback — corrosion. Metal is reactive to oxygen and water, promoting oxidization to enhance the onset of rust. In steel structure design, corrosion is amon…Read More