Driven to Accomplish What Other Steel Fabricators Cannot

At Sanilac Steel, we’ve created a culture that’s built to overcome our client’s most complex challenges. Our Michigan team is made up of highly educated and very experienced steel industry professionals who are passionate about partnering with our clients to complete their projects while exceeding their expectations. You should choose to work with Sanilac Steel because:

  • We submit bids on your project in a timely manner and provide you with reliable bids you can trust.
  • We deliver on our commitments. We know there is risk involved in every project, but we’ll carefully weigh those considerations before we make a promise. You’ll be able to count on our word in addition to the quality of our steel fabrication services.
  • We work to save our clients both time and money on their projects. We do this by putting our extensive experience to work, finding innovative solutions that can cut your project expenses or deliver results ahead of schedule.

We Work to Save You Time and Money on Your Projects

We believe in total collaboration with building owners and construction teams. We know that good collaboration can help reduce expenses and cut down on the time required to finish your project. We’re committed to:

  • Reducing risks in development. There are always risks involved with any steel fabrication or construction project. We’ll identify those risks and help you develop plans that mitigate the risk and help you move forward through challenges.
  • Providing a timeline. Our team will give you an organized, locked-in schedule for all of our steel work. Our clients will always know when to expect delivery of their steel fabrication or construction project.

Ready to Exceed Your Expectations

We’ve established a reputation for excellence over the last 50 years in the business, and we plan on continuing to set ourselves apart by exceeding client expectations. If you are looking for a steel fabrication partner, we’d love to show you why so many people choose Sanilac Steel of Michigan for their projects. We specialize in structural steel design, fabrication and erection services. Learn more about our many services, in touch with us today by giving us a call or contacting us online. We look forward to working with you!